Winklebeck Concept

This initial concept model depicts a metal sculpture interwoven with several hundred led light strands which, in darker hours, will provide an interactive component to the piece allowing patrons to command the lights via a social media connection. 

Concept Statement

During the day a steel and glass sculpture will delight and entertain the public with many tiny details allowing for hours of exploration and discovery.  With the night  we’ll bring on the light allowing for the public to interact with the piece via social media.  A fixed number of predetermined images and lighting sequences will be available to the public to request for display.  Requests will be made via one or several social media platforms and then be viewable on the wall within a few seconds.  The requested display will remain active for a period of time or until a new request is made.  The use of social media as the mechanism for interaction will provide the unique ability to discover how the public interacts with the piece over time.  It will also give the public the ability to request specific types of lighting displays or patterns which may be added to the piece over time, helping the installation to remain contemporary.

Want to express your love to someone special?  How about expressing a thought using one of our special emoji speech bubble icons?  Audience members will have the ability to request specific messages and customize portions of the display all

via social media.

A message displayed as a soundwave might be an interesting way to allow the public to express themselves.

With the ability to request many predesigned patterns and colors, patrons will have the ability to enjoy many hours customizing the display of the wall.

©2019 Christine Edwards, Redwood City CA.