Collaboration, Learning and Respect; these are the values we embody as a team. 

Our Mission

Members of our team have been working together since the late 1990’s.  Together, we have been involved in the design, construction and installation of live public art pieces through various mediums such as live theater, parade floats and live kinetic sculptures.  We like to encourage our audiences to interact with our work and we love to help educate about the Arts.  We believe the value of a community is enhanced through art.

Daniel Cadigan

Daniel has been working in Theater and live entertainment since 1998 and has had the privilege of working on several live kinetic pieces in and around the Stanford Campus.  Daniel’s 20+ years of work experience provides him with a vast knowledge of electrical and mechanical engineering best practices and standards.  Daniel is responsible for the engineering work to ensure our pieces will work and live as envisioned during the design phase. Daniel is the current Technical Director for the Stanford University Theater Arts Department. 

Christine Edwards

Christine holds the distinct position of being the creative bookends to our team.  Initial concept work and design renderings all begin with Christine.  Christines background as a theatrical scenic designer provider a unique perspective while working through the design process for our public art projects.  Once initial construction is completed, Christine again uses her unique skillset to add the amazing finishing touches and details to the project which provide audiences with a sense of wonder and joy.  Christine has been involved in many different aspects of public art since the late 90’s and when not fulfilling her duties as a Mother, Christine may often be found working on Props or other special effects for different Theater groups around the Bay Area.

Mike Edwards

Mike is our software guy.  When we think about interactive we know this means connected and Mike gladly takes on the role of connecting our pieces to the living world.  Mike has been able to apply the knowledge gained through employment with companies such as Sony Playstation and Apple Inc., to the projects we develop today.  Currently Mike works for a local Redwood City company which provides engineering automation services to the live entertainment industry.

Erik Sunderman

Erik is responsible for making sure we meet all of our deadlines on time and on budget.  Erick is also responsible for any general construction work which needs to be accomplished to deliver a piece to our clients.  Erik’s may years as Technical Director and Project Manager at Stanford University serve him well in this role.

Our Work

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